30 January 2005

Yes Yeah,

Serious Star Wars Space Action..
Great, new series of 24 in half an hour. Looks like this season involves some Middle Eastern terrorists, I just wonder how many more cliched bad guys the script writers can come up with. Still nothing compares to the first series, must get round to watching that again some time. Busy week lots to do, save myself 700 quid by sending my student certificate to the council and return a dodgy motherboard to those fu*kers at ebuyer, must have had to return half of everything I ever got from them. Oh yeah new Star Wars game on the horizon, looks fantastic, check it out at www.lucasarts.com.

28 January 2005

What a Week

Friday already... This year my resolutions were simple, do more outdoors stuff at the weekend. Also see more live music in the city - just spent 20mins trying to find a website with some sort of listing, to no avail... It seams that I will have to actually go forth into the real world and look at posters to find any upcoming gig info.

Just added my Blogroll from www.blogger.com. Check out boing boing and slashdot for stuff that, when you are bored, is really cool.

Those Amazing Americanos

Just seen Fahrenheit 9/11, It's a shocking film - made me stop and think, particularly the quote from George Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four", comparing the motives of the Inner Party to that of the current US administration. It also makes me wonder even more how the hell Bush got re-elected. I know I will never vote for Tony Blair again, after he took the country to war on the basis of a pack of lies.

23 January 2005

Fantastic Xmas presents...

The latest SciFi offereing
from Iain.M.Banks
Just started reading a book I got for Christmas, good so far. It's a hardback, since it's quite new. Apparently these books will last longer but it's always much easier to read paperbacks. Also the outer paper thingy of hard backs usually gets crumpled up if you leave it on and if you take it off you can probably expect never to see it again. That is unless you have a special place to keep hard-back papers covers and that would just be too crazy.

More messing around with photos

A picture of a stone monk.
So Flickr is good but not the greatest.
I do like the zeitgeist thingy... But yr limited to 100 pictures, with a free account anyway.

On the other hand shutterfly gives unlimited space!! and you can link to files there.... great

Building a Barn In Canada

Putting up the Barn Roof
Originally uploaded by Andy 79.
Great post pictures from Flickr on your blog..
Helped my uncle build this barn, on his farm just outside Edmonton, it was a great experience one I will never forget.

publish with an email....

Sitting around i realised how handy publishing by email could be,
since you can probably get away with that very easily at work... haha!

22 January 2005

Bored on saturday...

and setup up a page load counter... from the handy people at http://www.statcounter.com/
the web is just a big dusbin of free stuff really.

20 January 2005

Post with a picture

Web publishing.. So... Useful...?

The first book I read by the Author Iain.M.Banks... I became hooked