22 March 2005

Get it doon yr wee scretche laddie

Fantastic weekend, plenty of beers on Saturday watching Wales kill Ireland and take the championship. It was also fun to hear England managed to beat off the rivals and take the Calcutta Cup. Not that its much of a challenge, but with their performances earlier in the 6 nations, it was a bit of a worry.

I have also decided that this blog will mainly just be a few choice pics as there's not enough time in the day to think up interesting and wordy posts - after all a picture paints a thousand words.
Now that the summer is coming in at full speed I'm gonna get back with the exercise program to sort myself out for an August bike tour of the west coast.

10 March 2005

Free Image Hosting.... Cool

Just found this great site ImageShack Host your images for free, nothing bigger than 1024kb - no problem!

08 March 2005

Cool New Animated Film: Appleseed

Just saw the first few minutes of Appleseed the other day, looks fantastic. An amazing fight between a bunch of humans and some evil looking robots/cyborgs - usual type of thing... I hear the story is so-so but then you don't watch this stuff for intellectual stimulation. Check it out at the Appleseed official site.

02 March 2005

Row, Row, Row your Boat...

How cool is this....

I just wonder with all that hard work rowing... wont you be breathing quite a lot... you gotta hope they install some hi tech CO2 scrubber/rebreather/closed system to make the O2 last much longer.

Nick Frost, what a guy

Ha ha! Nick Frost does DP.... Check out Frostitution a Nick Frost Fan Page. And if you haven't already, watch "Shaun of The Dead" - and then watch Series 1&2 of "Spaced". You don't know what you are missing.