17 May 2005

Worth a mention

This is the funniest website rip that I have ever seen. The reason why?, is what makes it so. I have had many such arguments with very stubborn people... acknowledging that it takes one to know one.

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15 May 2005

Happy days in Belfast

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Went to see Joanne and David get married this weekend, was a very hot and sunny day. Loads of great food and drink at the bash afterwards also..

11 May 2005

Four seasons in one day

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Had a nice walk near Dunkeld; we walked through the sun, rain, wind and hail - Although not all at the same time...

01 May 2005

Bring on the Poi

My latest pursuit, great fun easy to learn and looks cool!

Got my first few pointers from www.homeofpoi.com . I made some practice ones from tennis balls on string... Handy to try out tricky new moves without setting yourself alight...