25 July 2005

Free Books!

Check this out Free books under Creative Commons licence... I'll be sure to print these out for later reading on the grass, never liked reading too much straight from the screen, well CRT anyway. Perhaps my new laptop's flat screen will be less strain on the old eyeballs. link

13 July 2005

Hehe! Holiday....

Yes yeah.. I'm off for holidays at the end of the week, cant wait..

Eye Opening Flags..

Last month, the Norwegian diplomat Charung Gollar was asked to present the UN with a graphic showing the main problems in the world in 2004. He presented a set of 8 pictures entitled "The power of stars" and was applauded for the simplicity of his idea. In spite of having no pretension at all, his work was presented to participate to the Nobel Prize of Politic Marketing. Attached are the 8 pictures presented.

Read the legends!

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