16 January 2009

Delicious, steaming hot & jucy lamb stew

These are the Roles Royce of the casserole dish world, its been put though its paces. This was probably the tastiest stew I have ever eaten (I didn't cook it!).


500g tasty diced Lamb from local butchers
Red wine opened last week ready to be used to cooking
Garlic, whole cloves
Onions, 1 or 2
Carrots, chopped
Worcester sauce

Add the meat, wine, garlic, chopped onions, Worcester sauce and fresh ground pepper, bit of paprika to a dish - leave it in the fridge for several hours.
Pick out the meat, dry off excess marinade, roll in flour
Melt some butter and a bit of oil in the casserole dish on the hob
Add the meat and cook it off until browned nicely - this will smell amazing
Add the chopped onions from the marinade dish, fry them for a bit
Add the copped carrots, also fry the for a bit
Add the rest of the marinade, lamb stock to cover everything
Put the lid on the dish and bung it in the oven 190 oC for about 1:30hrs

Was tasty, had it with small Italian style roast potatoes and boiled spinach.


  1. You have opened red wine left over from last week?!?

  2. well maybe not last week.. more like opened during the cooking process..