26 December 2009

Nights Dawn Trilogy by Peter F Hamilton

Finally finished these monsters. Plenty of cool ideas and detailed depictions of amazing and alien places. Although to be honest I preferred 'A Second Chance of Eden' and look forward to the next set of short stories to be published, which was hinted at on Peter's page. Next on the reading list is 'Matter' by Iain M. Banks, quite a few more have been piled up after taking advantage of Boarders' closing down sale, with between 50%-70% off everything it was hard to resist.

24 December 2009

Remove Blogger Navbar

Add this code just above the '/* Variable definitions' to the page HTML to remove the Blogger Navbar..
#navbar-iframe {
   display: none !important;


This is a really fantastic film, saw it in 3D the other night, it's well worth a look. I'm keen to see it in normal 2D also to compare with the 3D version. But the 3D was very good, if you didn't see a film in 3D recently you should know the technology has come along way and you forget you are wearing the special glasses after 5 mins into the film.

Official site

23 December 2009

NimBuzz for Blackberry

Finally a decent and free IM chat client for the BlackBerry that supports messaging for MSN (Windows Live), Skype (Chat only), Gmail (Google Talk), Yahoo! Chat and Facebook chat (and a ton of others).

BlackBerry users have been waiting for ages for a decent Skype IM client and NimBuzz is it.

Nimbuzz is well integrated into BB OS: you can set a tone in your profiles for 'New Message', a notification icon shows up with the mail, SMS etc and the app icon also shows the red asterisk if you have an unread message. No other IM client that I know of is this well integrated for Skype chats. It also works fine for MSN, Facebook Chat and Google Talk as mentioned earlier. This has allowed me to remove all the individual chat apps for MSN, Yahoo and Gmail and just use NimBuzz and a single app for all my IM chats..

Thanks NimBuzz. This app can be installed via BlackBerry App World

Read more about it here on the official NimBuzz blog

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts and Smart Tag Lists for Word 2007

Here is the macro code swap "Final" and "Final Showing Markup" view. Once saved as a macro it's a simple task to assign this to a keyboard short-cut..
Sub finalview()
With ActiveWindow.View
.ShowInsertionsAndDeletions = Not .ShowInsertionsAndDeletions
End With
End Sub 
I also wanted to make a custom 'Smart Tag List' the easiest way to do this was to simply download this 'Cities Smart Tag List' and edit the entries. This post on the MS web page was pretty hand. I simply replaced the terms after:
with my own CSV data. In this case a list of UniProt terms to easily identify the controlled vocabulary in the text of reports. I did also start to play around with the naming and URL parts of the XML, however after several promising edits the whole smart tag list disappeared from the options pane in Word. So I gave up and reverted to a version where I had only changed the main name and the term list as all I really wanted was the in text underlining of the terms.