21 September 2010

Windows Live ate my SMB share...

Have just spend way too long trying to work out why xbmc could no longer connect to a win7 smb share. The solution after much head scratching, simply uninstall Windows Live Login Assistant. Why this application should block shares from xbmc is beyond me. I have no idea what I was thinking about when I recently installed the Windows Live software anyway, most of it easily replaced by better programs. The guys at xbmc.org made a nice post on their forum about win7 smb shares, the windows live bug is mentioned there quite a bit.

06 September 2010

Share that screen...

Remote desktop has never been easier, useful for IT support for family members.


The most recent versions also include a chat function which is handy, although skype is still probably the best go to voice chat application.

Even faster is the ultra easy to use web version from logmein with an even easier to remember URL


New Chapter Starts Now

The finest home made motor craftsmanship this side of...
Subject Knowledge Enhancement for KS3/KS4 physics course under way at the East of England Science Learning Centre.. Day One re-learning all about Voltage, Current and Resistance in electrical circuits. The day was rounded off with the construction of our very own motors made out of essentially a pair of magnets and a bit of wood with wire wound around it.