15 January 2011

Route lookup?

Problem: A large amount of locations, having the postcode of point and A point B, how do I lookup en mass the best route between the points?

I'm pretty sure google maps could be wrangled to provide the data just need to find some site that will allow the data to input and then results downloaded...

whatgas.com & fuel accelerators for bulk haulage

Checkout this site to find the cheapest fuel price near you. Will from whatgas.com was kind enough to share the whole dataset on derv prices going back about 5 years.

What the best way to modify haulage rates with fuel costs on the rise, how much increase in fuel can the haulier just soak up before the rates have to change? How often would it be practical to change rates given bulk distribution contracts are based on delivered product? How should the change in rate be related to the change in fuel.

It's a tough one and needs a clear and transparent process if haulage companies are going to accept the changing rates. Currently thinking that by separating the fuel cost of each ton delivered for every journey is going to be the way to go. This way the net rate per tonne can be fixed and the overall rate get adjusted when derv prices increase or decrease past a pre set trigger point.