18 March 2014

Fix vTiger "SMTP Connect() failed" Error

Just need to update a setting in vtigercrm/modules/Emails/class.phpmailer.php

function IsSMTP() {
$this->Mailer = "smtp";

function IsSMTP() {
$this->Mailer = "sendmail";

Thanks Nathan79

15 March 2014

Life Keeper Install Notes

Install SQL

SQL install on C:\
Data on E:\
Logs on F:\

Restore db, add logins

IIS, export the metabase to other nodes, don't use shared config
Ensure admin password is the same on all nodes

Ensure ASP.NET v4 installed (not 4.5)

SSRS Access Logs - Big Brother is Watching

T-SQL is
Use ReportServer
select * from ExecutionLog3 order by TimeStart DESC

Source here

Fix Blogger 'Seatch this site' bug

Fix with a simple HTML gadget on the layout using this code: Thanks David J. Schmidt